Photograph | Brooke DiDonato

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self-portrait w/self-portrait.3 (self-portrait © ElectricSexDoll / self-portrait © Græ Andresen)

when I get bored I occasionally rework old self-portraits with images of other models, just to see if anything magically comes of it. this is one of those images. as it turned out, when I placed these two disparate and innocent images together something altogether different appears. no, neither of us has ever met in person before and likely never will. still, I think this photo works well. cheers!

This is amazing

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I scraped on the walls like an orthodox saint

Model: Brooke Eva

Photographer: Jeff Waters

I’m reblogging/reposting these today because it’s still one of my absolute favorite sets.  These were shot in late 2012 during a really weird transitional period in my life and they’re are probably some of the most honest photos ever taken of me.


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Be bounded to @TheRealFriskyMr — #BDSM —

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